force 'refresh' of Code vision details?


I'm working on a ViewModel that says has 2 usages, I delete those 2 usages on other files and come back to my ViewModel and it still says '2 usages'.

Is there any way to 'force' the refresh of the code vision 'calculations' like this?


closing and reopening the file doesn't work. I know probably invalidating caches and restarting works but I want a 'normal' solution I can use on my normal workflow, not a fix for some kind of bug :)

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Hello! Definitely, it should update. Could you please reproduce the error and collect thread dumps after Rider freezes from a logfiles folder as described in this article: Also, does it occur in any files, in any project? Could you reproduce the same in a small new project with just two files or this is related to your specific solution? How big your solution is? Have you tried to wait before analyze will be ended? Could you please also provide us with a screenshot of your opened Rider workspace with corresponding file? Thank you in advance.

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