Highlighting matching selected text


I just started evaluating Rider, and I really like it so far

One feature I miss from Visual Studio is that when I select a block of text, Visual Studio will highlight matching text elsewhere in the file.

As shown in the following image, text inside Method2 was selected, and the matching text inside Method1 is highlighted.


Is this feature available in Rider or through a plugin? I looked around the settings, but nothing jumped out.


I should point out that I can kind of get this behavior by selecting text and opening the Find... field (CTRL+F), but it's not quite the same as having the highlight update immediately as the selection changes.

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Hi Michael, 

Don't you use any plugins for this in VS? 

Try Sticky Selection plugin in Rider, is it what are you looking for?  

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Thanks for replying. Actually, the selection behavior is due to a VS extension: Productivity Power Tools from Microsoft DevLabs. It's the "Show matches in the editor" option under "Match margin options".

The StickySelection plugin looks interesting. I'm also trying out BrowseWordAtCaret. Thanks for the suggestion!



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