Hi Rudi! 

If I understand you right, you're looking something like this: DBE-268 and it is not implemented yet. Please, upvote the issue. 


Hi Alexandra,

I don't think that's quite it.

There's a feature in VS (I'm using 2017 enterprise) where we can create an ADO.NET DataSet which schema will be stored as a schema (*.xsd). 

We work with the schema i.e. what DataTables and columns on each tables, PK, relationship, etc from a visual designer.

This talks about it a bit https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/data-tools/create-and-configure-datasets-in-visual-studio .

However, DataSet does not have to be worked backward from an existing database. Like in our case, There's a lot of DataSets that acts as a kind of DTO i.e. DataSet that reflect DB gets trimmed down and denormalized to suit the need of the front-end layer.

My point is, the DataSet designer should be able to be used independently of any DB schema. 


DataSet designer is the only reason I still occasionally go back to Visual Studio. 

Rider has been (subjectively) near perfect otherwise. I'm on my first week in my trial.


I see, thank you. I created a request for you, please follow it: DBE-8928



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