Using Rider on multiple machines



I'm using same Rider work account on 2 machines, pc and laptop. When I use Rider on laptop and then come back to PC, Rider will ask me for password on the PC. Then when I switch back to laptop, Rider is logged out and asks for password... Over and over again. That's very annoying. Is this by design? Can I do anything to stop it asking for password?




Hello Alex,

For using the same account on different machines your operating system user name (login) must be the same on all the systems where you will run multiple IDE copies at the same time. For personal subscription, there is no such restriction. Please find more about Using Rider on different machines here.


Having the system user name be the same across difference machines with different OS is not convenient what so ever, especially when having to deal with company windows machines that have their own restrictions on how a username is setup on those machines. 

Why is simply logging in with the same credentials not enough?


Hi Ben,

Indeed, having the same user name on all machines is not always possible for everyone. This is why Rider should suggest you to Reactivate once you start using it on another machine. Could you please clarify if you can see this dialog with the Reactivate button?




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