Rider Android Debug Unity App no devices found



I'm starting with Rider. Now I'm developing a Unity project, I come from Visual Studio 2017. I'm facing a problem when I'm trying to debug the project in an android device. I can't find my device in the list of attaching to process, how can I fix it? I can't debug my project.


Hello! What version of Rider do you use?

Could you try the latest Rider 2019.2 EAP? Please open 'Attach to Unity process' dialog and try to wait for a while (for 30 seconds or minute).

If this won't help, please, launch Rider with enabled 'Unity' Trace category (Help -> Trace Scenarios (LOGS)) and send us Rider logs. Thank you!

Have you attached them to the issue? Probably there is something wrong with a forum. Could you please create a new issue via `Help>Report a bug` with logs attached? Thank you in advance.
Thank you! Our developers take a look at the issue.

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