How to reduce the completion list, the methods signatures popup, etc.



The standard display of the completion list is absolutely not usable. It hides the code; it hides the list of signatures.


This is how these windows look in VS:

In ReSharper, the situation is much better. Is there a way to bring the display closer to VS?


Hello Dmitry,

Сould you please confirm you are running the latest version or install it if not and let me know if the issue persists?


Hi! Yes, the issue is reproduced on Rider 2019.2 (192.5895.1069).

Any way, is it possible to display only one method signature and switch between them with arrow keys? The current approach is very inconvenient in cases of methods with a large number of overloads (for me).

P.S. Olga, nice to see you again! ^^


Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the behavior the way you mentioned. Rider has the same representation for code completion as IDEA, rather than R#. Talking about your case, the current behavior is made by design as part of this request.

The issue you have described typically appears in the case when code completion is called close to window borders when there is not enough space to fit everything and it causes overlapping. It is described in the following request Feel free to upvote.


Got it, thank you! I hope it'll be fixed soon...


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