Ctrl+P is overridden by "Print" in 2019.2?


I just updated to 19.2. Ctrl+P hotkey was set to "Parameter info" for years (and in keymap settings it is still set right) but now instead of desired functionality I see "Print" popup. 

Now I removed Ctrl+P Print hotkey, but now nothing happens on Ctrl+P


Hello Andrew,

It is indeed was noticed that for specific keymap default shortcut for Print changed in Rider 2019.2, here is the corresponding issue for monitoring the status.

However, removing or changing shortcut for Print should help should with bringing back Parameter info popup. Could you please open the settings and use option Find Action by Shortcut for Ctrl+P and show me a screenshot of the result?



Apparently new settings wasn't applied right away, but after Rider restart all works fine, thanks! 

Hello Andrew, Thank you for coming back on this. I am glad to hear it works fine now. I am going to close the ticket, if you have any questions in future, do not hesitate to contact us again. Have a great day!

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