Connect to local SQL Server Express 2017 database using shared memory


Is it possible to connect to a local SQL Server Express 2017 database named instance in Rider using shared memory?  I'm guessing not since I've searched all over the web and this site with no mention of connecting to SQL Server via shared memory.  The reason I wanted to know was because I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why SQL Server Management Studio was able to connect to the SQL instance but not Rider, and then I realized that TCP/IP wasn't even enabled for the SQL instance in SQL Server Configuration Manager, only Shared Memory (under Protocols).  Obviously I could just enable TCP/IP for the instance and connect through Rider but I'm interested if I could do so without TCP/IP enabled.

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Thank you for a detailed request. Unfortunately, right now it is not possible to connect over Shared Memory. Here is the corresponding feature request. I would suggest to upvote for it to demonstrate the interest. 


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