Upgraded to 2019.2.1, really dislike the new Version Control window.


The latest version of Rider 2019.2.x upgraded the Version Control window to something that has fewer features than the 2019.1.3 version.  The old screen was intuitive, showed folder hierarchies, and utilized vertical space. The Preview Diff was on the bottom, which allowed it to take up as much space as needed without cluttering other elements. 

The new version is stretched horizontally without any way to move elements around, causing the window to share space with the Preview Diff pane, creating a cluttered mess. The list of changes are a flat list without any folder structure to them. 


Is there any way to get the 2019.2.x Version Control window to look and operate like the previous version?  If not, I'll be reverting my entire IDE back to 2019.1.3.



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Hi Bryan! 

Sure, just set off the File | Settings | Version Control | Commit Dialog > Commit from Local Changes without showing the Commit dialog checkbox.


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This worked, thank you!


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