File Encoding UTF-8 BOM is not saved


Hey guys,

I'm using JetBrains Rider to implement Web Applications with ASP.NET. For that I need to create Files with utf-8 files WITH BOM. Everytime I'm saving the settings after changing it to "Create UTF-8 files WITH BOM", everything works fine. After a restart this option is gone and Rider creates files without BOM, what causes errors with special characters in the Views. Is that a Bug or do I need to configure that somewhere else ?

Thanks in advance,



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Hi Tim! What version of Rider do you use? This suppose to be fixed:
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Guess I looked for the wrong IDE in the Toolbox (I have many) - didn't recognize there was an Update available. I just updated on the newest Version of Rider (2019.2.1). Thanks for the fast answer.


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