Pinned Rider in taskbar lose "Run as administrator" every time windows started



I've pinned Rider to taskbar and set to "Run as administrator" every time I run Rider.

But it's always reset every time I start my windows. I think the reason is that the Target path is always changed every time windows started.

Is there a way to retain "Run as administrator" for Rider pinned in taskbar?



I've reproduced this issue, and indeed the setting "Run as Administrator"  for a shortcut becomes disabled after windows restarting. Here is an issue on our tracker. As a workaround, you can hold down Ctrl and Shift keys and then click on a program pinned to the taskbar to run it as administrator. Alternatively, you can set up this property for an .exe file and Toolbox app will not rewrite it on its startup.

Thank you for pointing our attention issue.

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Setting this on the exe as described above works. It is reset when Rider is updated though.

When starting Rider from the toolbox there is a setting to run it as admin but that only applies when starting rider from the toolbox. But I don't know if that is persisted between rider version upgrades. 


>But I don't know if that is persisted between rider version upgrades. 

Yes, it is.


I'm finding that these settings are NOT persisted when toolbox upgrades Rider or IntelliJ, and I have code that must be ran as administrator, or it doesn't run during debugging or testing, with no indicator as to why things are not running. Windows 10, Rider and IntelliJ currently on 2023.1.3, toolbox on 1.28.1


Bwinters Please try our Beta version of the next 2.0 release. You can download it from the or enable “Update to Early Access Program” in the Toolbox App Settings.
In this release, we have improved integration with OS. More details are in our blog


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