How to search for Value Assigned is not used in any execution path


I am working with a large code base (mix of C# and VB.Net projects). The code analysis tool can search for "Value Assigned is not used" but it also identifies false positives like


int i = 0; or Dim i as Integer = 0

I am looking for cases where

MyClass myClass = new MyClass();

myClass = someFunction() // that returns a new instance

I searched for As New in VB.Net code and can see that the code editor correctly flags when the initialization value is unused.

How do I use the built in code analysis feature bypassing the false positives?


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Hello Ramesh,

I beg your pardon for a delay in reply. You can adjust settings for inspection if press Alt-Enter on the value you see the warning for and change settings for the inspection in this exact place, for example, please take a look at the screenshot:

You can find more information in the corresponding Help section: Code inspection: Assignment is not used.


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