How to fix “Debug symbols for assembly nunit.framework could not be loaded correctly. Mono runtime doesn't support full pdb?”


I installed Unity game engine and Rider IDE, after setting up everything. Then I created a new unity project and then that warning started popping. Everything is fresh installed and created. Every time I click on debug that warning shows up.

I tried searching in JetBrains forums, and here in StackOverflow some answers for this warning, I've tried many times with many keywords in Google but there are no answers

I also tried to download nunit framework from the official website and from nuget packages, also downloaded mono and configured in Rider, but the warning still there

I know it's something related to nunit and mono, but I don't exactly know what it is

Is it good? is it bad? how does it affect my projects? Can I remove the warning?

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Hello, Thank you for contacting Rider Support. It is known behavior. The main idea is that Mono notifies us that there are full pdb files in build, which were included with nunit.framework. Mono can only work with portable *.pdb files, hence if it sees full *.pbd files in build it says that there might be issues with the debugging process. Since full unsupported by Mono *.pbd files are related to external nunit.framework files, it should not prevent you from correct debugging of your code in any way. There is an issue on tracker for resolving the warning, please upvote for it: RIDER-12236. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I wish you have a great day!


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