How can I change font size in the blank editor screen? Image in Attachment



        In fact, I would like to customize my IDE Rider, so i changed the texts font type and sizes in the editor and the appearance but i observed that when i have an opened project and i close all the documents there is some gray screen that show up and there, there are some texts indicating shortcuts to navigate in Rider, my question is how can i change the properties of these texts.

Below an image showing the texts i'm talking about.

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Hello Nasreddine,

You can configure it in the "custom font settings" in "File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance"

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Hi Sofia Byzova,


     Thank you for your response, as I saw in the IntelliJ forum, in the appearance menu, we can only make the font bigger but for example if we set the font to 12 the environment font change, but the shortcuts texts never get smaller, i think it's a bug or it is a feature in your IDE suite.


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Thank you for pointing me to this bug. 

I've reproduced it and created an issue on youtrack:


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