XAML preview "Failed to build preview" with Xamarin forms


I created an Xamarin app in Visual Studio then I tried to open it in Rider just to try it out but when I open a XAML file then click on XAML Preview I get an error in the preview window saying "Failed to build preview" with a little red exclamation next to it.

Does anyone know how to fix this so I can preview layouts?


The XAML previewer is only for WPF, it doesn't work with Xamarin Forms XAML files


Hi all! You're absolutely right, we have no Xamarin Forms XAML preview right now in Rider. Please, follow and vote these issues:  RIDER-22664 and RIDER-14730. It'll allow you not to miss the time when the feature will be implemented. 


Hi Alexandra!

I think that the Hot Reload is more important. Xamarin developers had to wait years to get it on VS. I hope that Rider will get it as soon as possible :)


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