Launching Rider is too slow.

I've been using Rider to latest 2019.2.2 on iMac in my office, but its launching takes so much time as 10 minutes over on iMac in my office, not on the newer, higher iMac of mine home.


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Hello Yasushi,

Do I understand correctly that with "Launching" you mean the time from clicking on Rider icon until you saw a welcome wizard (splash screen is hanging too long)? Or you said the period from clicking on a solution until you can interact with the opened solution?  

To profile a slow startup, please invoke Help | Diagnostic | Profile Slow Startup. Press Change and Restart IDE. After the restart, invoke Help | Diagnostic | Stop CPU Usage Profiling. Then share a created snapshot. If your snapshot is smaller than 10MB, it's fine to attach directly to a new support ticket or a YouTrack issue. Otherwise, please use


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