Code cleanup of Rider vs ReSharper


as far as I looked into it, In resharper you can set way more fine details about your cleanup. When I use the cleanup built in in Rider, It seems to have way less options. Or am I missing something?

I thought about writing code in Rider and cleaning it up in vs with resharper but that seems odd...

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R# and Rider's code cleanup profiles and available options for change should be identical, as you can see in the corresponding Help section for both products:

I would appreciate you giving me an example of the difference you have noticed so I could check it and please let me know the versions of both products you are currently using. Thank you in advance!

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Hey, i just stumbled upon this:

so it seems what I've been missing, which is mainly File Layout Settings, will soon be available with Rider, too (I know it is already, but I'd wait for the UI Version)
Or I'll check if I can export the XAML file from VS with Resharper and import it in Rider...!

Thanks for your answer!


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