Weird Unit Test Explorer grouping issues

I'm experiencing a couple of weird issues in Rider that weren't event in VS. I am grouping my test cases by project and categories. This then shows them as a list of classes and the test methods inside:


  1. My test cases are all in their own class - can I somehow set it so that I just see either the class name or the method, to avoid having to open up each class every time? In VS I don't have to do this
  2. This is very odd. If I change a class name and then rebuild my project, the tests I renamed suddenly appear within OneTimeClass > test class name (see below). OneTimeClass is just my class that deals with setup and teardown, so why is Rider sticking renamed tests inside this class?


Hello James,

There is an existing request for the first issue you have mentioned, here is the link to it: RSRP-475290. Please upvote and watch for monitoring the status. As for the second issue: is it reproduced on a regular basis? What Rider version are you using? Is it possible to provide me with a sample solution I could try to reproduce it on? You can add it here or create a new issue on YT.


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