Shortcut / Helper for deconstructing an object?


Is there currently a shortcut / helper action for deconstructing an object with all the appropriate default variable names?

For example, if I have a class ExampleClass with the following deconstructor:

public void Deconstruct(out string foo, out bool bar, out int bat) { ... }

and a variable of that type named "exampleVariable", is there any quick way to deconstruct that into

var (foo, bar, bat) = exampleVariable;

without having to look up the default deconstructed variable names?

Something like typing "var () = exampleVariable" then pressing ALT+ENTER to get a quick action to fill in the deconstructed variables (possibly with a list of possible deconstructors for classes that have more than one) would be a huge help for classes that deconstruct into a large number of variables.

If nothing like that exists already, does a mechanism exist that would allow building it? Could this be done through an extension or plugin?

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Rider provides such actions, please take a look at the following blog post which provides some examples and let me know if you have other questions: Tuples, deconstruction, string interpolation – improved inspections and quick fixes in ReSharper and Rider 2018.3 EAP.


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