Using Rider for Angular - Open file or folder won't let me open a folder


I want to open a newly created angular application in a folder.  The third Rider option says  Open File or Folder, yet the dialog insists on a FILE to open and angular doesn't have a solution file (for example) that I can put there. 

Thus, I can't open a FOLDER using that option.




This could be not obvious, but to open a folder, you should go to File - Open - File or folder, choose with just one click the folder you want to open - just select it - and then click open. Also, please feel free to upvote this issue RIDER-25420 to change this behaviour. 

Thank you! 




I couldn't get it to work as above  (unless I just don't understand) It was hard to understand the clicks that occurred. 

I GOT IT TO WORK doing the following:  select the File or Folder open menu option and then go down to the folder that contains the Angular project.

Don't click on the folder that contains the project; rather, RIGHT-click on it and carefully look down the menu for Open folder as project in Rider.  Selecting that will - after a brief pause - open the project.


I apologise for the not useful enough screencast. 

Glad to hear you managed to find a workaround. 

Should you have any questions, please let me know. 


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