XAML preview not working correctly.



As shown on the screenshot, the XAML Preview doesn't work correctly. The built project works just fine - it's just the preview giving misleading results.
The project is simply a fresh WPF template, with only the default grid changed into a Stack Panel. The project's run by .Net Core 3.0.


Did I simply mess something up in the configuration, or it should go into the issue tracker?


Hi Mickey, what version of Rider do you use? 

Could you please check the same on 2019.2.2? 

Thank you in advance. 


I'm on Rider 2019.2.2, as stated by the JetBrains Toolbox.



Unfortunately, we were not able to reproduce the issue. Could you please attach your sample project for further investigation? You can attach it zipped here or create a new support request with it. Thank you in advance! 


Due to some other issues I had to reinstall my OS shortly after. Apologies, I should have saved the project.


The XAML preview appears to be fully functional now however.




Actually, it's back. It appears the issue's caused by oversampling - the GUI is simply scaled up by the given factor (but then it fails to compress back down in better quality, I believe..?).

Oversampling of 1 preseves the size, however it's terrible in quality:

While higher oversampling reproduces the issue described above.


Should I still send a support ticket with the project included?


Mickey, thank you for the detailed description! I've reproduced the problem and created an issue for this: RIDER-33531.

Please, feel free to follow it and vote. 



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