Feature Suggestion: Move tab close "x" to left of tab

It is a very small thing but I find it helps workflow a lot.  If you want to quickly close 3 or 4 windows while leveling other opened the left "x" is less mouse moving.  When the tab closes the next tab to the right's "X" is automatically under your cursor so you can just keep clicking if there more tad to the right you want to close.  With the "X" floating around based on the class name length you have to move the mouse around to find the next table close.

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Hi Dales! 

The close button is on the right because otherwise, it would conflict with the icon, and there's no option to move it. However, there are actions like "Close all but this" that you can use for closing many tabs easily. 

Also, you can close the current tab using a middle mouse click. 

Hope this helps! 


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