Struggling With Terminal Short-cuts...Shift+Tab Doesn't Seem To Work


I'm attempting to use a PowerShell as my terminal inside of Rider.  It appears to generally work, but certain keyboard shortcuts do not.  For example, outside of Rider, if I use cmd.exe to run the same command that I've pasted into Rider, I get a PowerShell prompt.  If I start typing and press tab, it will autocomplete the directory or filename that matches what I've typed and pressing 'tab' again will take me to the next match.  Pressing Shift+Tab will move me backwards in the list of matches.

Inside of Rider, both Tab and Shift+Tab behave exactly the same.  They only show the next match, I can't navigate to the previous match.

I've tried modifying the settings that I can see for the Terminal...both checking/unchecking 'Shell integration' and 'Override IDE shortcuts' but no matter which combination I select - I cannot get Shift+Tab to work.

Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  




While I'm using a slightly more complex command; this is reproducible for me using just 'powershell' in the Terminal Shell path within the Settings/Tools/Terminal menu...


Hello Rob,

I was able to reproduce the issue and have created a corresponding record on your bug tracker: IDEA-224631. Please watch it for monitoring the status.


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