Is verry slow.


When writing in ex: xaml the software is verry slow.

When i press the '<' i need to wait 3 seconds because is going stuck and to appear the autocomplete, same for tags, removing a character, when changing the caret.

If i add an error into document, all works fine.


Hi Andronachi,

Thank you for reporting the issue.

What is your Rider version and a project type? How big is that XAML file? Could you please collect the following information:

1. Enable the trace scenario for SWEA in “Help | Trace Scenarios (LOGS)”

2. Collect a backend performance snapshot according to the “Embedded profiler” section of the article

3. Collect all Rider logs via “Help | Compress Logs and Show in …”

4. Disable tracing in “Help | Trace Scenarios (LOGS)”

5. Share all collected data (how to share is described here 

JetBrains Rider 2019.2.3
Build #RD-192.7317.11, built on October 16, 2019
Runtime version: 11.0.4+10-b304.77 amd64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o
Windows 10 1809 17763.107
GC: ParNew, ConcurrentMarkSweep
Memory: 1466M
Cores: 4
Registry: ide.tree.horizontal.default.autoscrolling=false,, ide.borderless.title.product=false,, ide.tooltip.initialDelay.highlighter=0, search.everywhere.settings=true,,, ide.borderless.title.project.path=false, search.everywhere.pattern.checking=false, ide.tooltip.initialDelay=0, ide.borderless.title.classpath=false, ide.require.transaction.for.model.changes=false
Non-Bundled Plugins:
Project: WPF 4.8
The file is not really big. Is the default project.
 - 71.7 MB (75,247,616 bytes)
 - 3.42 MB (3,592,192 bytes)

Hi Andronachi,

Thank you for the data. I've filed an issue Please, watch it for further updates.


Kind regards, 





Please, do something about that.
When I type 1 letter it's making more than 3 seconds to unfreeze and type the letter.
It's near to be impossible to work as a professional software engineer.
Please consider as an emergency.

Best regards,
JetBrains Rider 2020.3.2
Build #RD-203.6682.21, built on December 29, 2020
Licensed to edouard dragon
Subscription is active until January 26, 2021.
Runtime version: amd64
VM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o.
.NET Framework 4.0.30319.42000
Windows 10 10.0
GC: ParNew, ConcurrentMarkSweep
Memory: 8067M
Cores: 20
Registry:, ide.tree.horizontal.default.autoscrolling=false,,, ide.tooltip.showAllSeverities=true,, ide.mac.bigsur.alerts.enabled=false,,,,, search.everywhere.settings=true,,,,, search.everywhere.pattern.checking=false, ide.tooltip.initialDelay=0, ide.require.transaction.for.model.changes=false,,, rdclient.asyncActions=false
Non-Bundled Plugins:, com.almightyalpaca.intellij.plugins.discord


Hello @dragonedouard,

I'm sorry for this issue. Could you please collect and share all the logs right after reproducing it? Also, please share a screen video demonstrating that case. 

Attach all the data to the filed issue





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