FTP Deployment


I am unable to find any interface for FTP deployment in Rider. I have set up the deployment FTP accounts in the project settings, but I see no way to actually transfer files other than the "auto upload" on file save, which is inconvenient for many uses.

In other JetBrains IDEs I am given a deployment menu under Tools, and also a deployment contextual menu by right clicking on files in the project browser. Am I missing this somewhere in Rider?

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I have exact same problem. Rider is missing Remote Host Tool view.. Weird thing is you can still configure your FTP configuration in Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Deployment section, but it's not showing up anywhere in the Rider UI.. 

Also Remote Hosts Access Plugin isn't showing up in the list of plugins in Rider.

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For further info, I'm on the MacOS version of Rider. Could it be unique to this version?

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Hi there,

Please take a look at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-34815#focus=streamItem-27-3777982.0-0. There is a guide about how to get that tool window in Rider available there.

If you need any assistance please contact me.


Kind regards, 



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