Screenreader support not working as expected

I am a blind user of the Rider IDE.
I do use NVDA and JAWS screenreader to use the editor.
I have set everything up as instructed on the page
Then the program is fairly decently read (that could be improved, by the way). However, when I press alt+Shift+6 and then F as instructed on the same page, nothing happens.
I tried doing everything: pressing all 4 keys simulatenously, trying to release them ETC.
Nothing worked, and my focus stayed in the same place where it was before.
I would be grateful for a solution, as I really like the product and I hope I will be able to fully use it.
With best regards,

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Hello Nuno,

Could you please do the following:

1. Go to "File | Settings | Keymap"

2. Press "Find Action by Shortcut" loupe

3. Press "Alt-Shift-6"

4. Make a screenshot of the settings page and attach it in a comment

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I hope it is OK


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