ASP.NET Nugets and empty project



I would like to ask you how to properly install NuGet packages via Rider? I tried to install UmbracoCMS and did not install it correctly. When I did this in Visual Studio, the package was installed correctly.

I noticed the following errors when installing through Rider:
poorly generated Web.config and missing files for UmbracoCMS (Umbraco folder).

I would also like to know how to create an empty ASP.NET Web Application project.

I would like to delete Visual Studio and use only Rider.

Thank you.


Hello Jozef,

I would say the best way to manage NuGet packages is NuGet console. As for the issue you have faced with, could you please provide a screenshot of the issue, *.csproj and Web.config files. You can add it here or create a new issue and attach files to it.

As for the request of empty ASP.NET Web Application project, there is the following option:

Does this work for you?




NuGet: Okay, I'll take a few screenshots and create a new issue.


Empty project: I would like create ASP.NET Web Application project not an ASP.NET Web Core Application project




Indeed, at the current moment, such templates are available only for ASP.NET Core projects, we have a request for adding such templates for ASP.NET Web Application as well: RIDER-10888, please upvote and watch.



Could you increase the priority of my NuGet issue?
Without this, the purchase of the new licenses at my company will be suspended. :/

Thank you.


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