Rider Unity autocomplete "private float" to private OnAudioFilterRead(float[], ...)

I'm getting some really annoying autocomplete when typing "private float" in a Monobehaviour subclass:



You might have guessed it, I don't want OnAudioFilterRead or OnJointBreak, but just a private float. The bad thing here is, that it autocorrects once I hit space.


Interestingly enough, it does not always happen, I also get this:


Which is the expected bahvior. Why does this happen and can I do something about it?




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Hello Johannes,

This is a known issue: RIDER-32668, we are working on it. Please upvote and watch for monitoring the status of the issue. 


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Olga Diakonova Thanks for pointing me to the existing bug, I did search for it, but didn't find anything. Great to see that you're already on it :)


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