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I started using Rider yesterday after using VS for a long time. One thing I love with VS is how I can continue working what I started, my opened tabs remain on top, in solution explorer folders remain opened...


In Rider, though, everything always starts fresh from the start, like I didn't do anything before. Is there a checkbox to check so it remembers my session? I already found how to automatically open last solution when starting Rider, I just need these options to fulfill my transition to this awesome IDE.

Edit: Looks like it remembers tabs, but still not solution folders...



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Hi Matko, 

thank you for contacting us. 

Please, try after setting solution files, tabs and windows as you want, choose Window | Store Current Layout as default and reopen Rider to check the result. 
Hope this helps! Leе me know if you have any other questions.


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the suggested solution doesn't work.

steps to reproduce:

  1. opening solution with multiple projects
  2. open projects
  3. open directory tree
  4. then choose:  Window | Store Current Layout as default
  5. close Rider (2019.3)
  6. re-open Rider

current behavior: Rider started with Explorer in collapse all tree (i have to redo the steps 2 - 3 manually)

expected behavior: Rider remembers the last Explorer solution-project-directory tree state


PS: PHPStorm does remember the last opened Explorer tree state, why Rider have different behavior?


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Hi Markus! 

Here is one step missed: could you please try Window - Restore Default Layout after step 6? 

If this won't help, please try the following: 

  1. Disable settings synchronisation (if enabled) and quit IDE
  2. Remove "config" directory (or temporarily move it aside to restore your settings afterwards): see the section corresponding to your operating system in
  3. Start IDE (do not import settings) and check if the problem appears


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i think you misunderstand the question, it's not about the layout of the Explorer but the tree structure inside the Explorer.

1. this is the tree structure when i last open Rider:

2. then i close Rider

3. i open Rider again and this is what i got:

what i would expect is the same tree structure as on point 1 when i re-open Rider

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I apologise for the misunderstanding. Unfortunately, there is an issue with the solution explorer tree. Please, feel free to upvote and follow RIDER-5094

Thank you for your patience!  


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