Navigate / File doesn't find all files


This is probably the most annoying bug I've found with Rider / Resharper.


I use the keyboard shortcut to open "File.." as one of my primary means of navigating a solution and lately and its results are terrible.

I can't help but feel like something changed with the "File" window recently.


I used to be able to see a lot more files in the list when I had matching results, but now the results aren't even showing results that more closely match the text I typed in.


As far as I know, that's because it fails to find files in general.



This KILLS ME. Enough to make an account on here to complain about it.


Is there anything I can do to fix the Navigate/File... functionality? This new version sucks

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Ah, I've fixed it.

I went through every aspect and performed an update. Updated Rider to newest version, and updated the Rider plugin in the Unity Package Manager.


After completing these upgrades, the IDE is now able to find my files again.

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Thank you for letting us know that everything works fine in the latest Rider version (as far as I understand, this is 2019.3.1).

Please feel free to contact us in case of any questions/problems.


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