2019.3.1 “Could not load the file 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.resources'.”

With Rider 2019.3.1 on Xubuntu 19.10, I am seeing many 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.resources' exceptions in idea.log at debug runtime (netcoreapp2.2) like shown below.

It's not clear what version it is looking for, but I could only see v1.3.0 and v2.8.0 of Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp packages in my Nuget caches - neither of which appears to have *.resources.dll files.

I tried installing the v3.4.0 Nuget package into the Solution, which does have *.resources.dll files - but all under various other cultures (cs, de, es etc.). There are no en* folders!

I had a poke through some v2019.3 idea.log files, and couldn't see anything similar so I believe it's a v2019.3.1 issue - possibly dotnet Core 3 issue?

Possibly related to this post? https://rider-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360006950419-Rider-2019-3-1-Errors-In-Solution-display-false-positives 


Message = “Could not load the file 'Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.resources'.”
ExceptionPath = Root.InnerException
ClassName = System.IO.FileNotFoundException
Source = mscorlib
FileNotFound_FileName = Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp.resources
StackTraceString = “
at System.AppDomain.Load (System.Reflection.AssemblyName assemblyRef, System.Security.Policy.Evidence assemblySecurity) [0x0007a] in <d3c56f46ec9c44c8b66896c2592902b9>:0
at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.AppDomain.Load(System.Reflection.AssemblyName,System.Security.Policy.Evidence)
at System.AppDomain.Load (System.Reflection.AssemblyName assemblyRef) [0x00000] in <d3c56f46ec9c44c8b66896c2592902b9>:0
at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check) System.AppDomain.Load(System.Reflection.AssemblyName)
at System.Reflection.Assembly.Load (System.Reflection.AssemblyName assemblyRef) [0x00005] in <d3c56f46ec9c44c8b66896c2592902b9>:0
at Mono.Debugging.BindingRedirects.DefaultBindingRedirectResolver.LoadAssembly (System.String assemblyName) [0x00006] in <f4e9806ba0a74c7b8387a0564f7391c6>:0
at Mono.Debugging.BindingRedirects.DefaultBindingRedirectResolver.TryResolve (System.ResolveEventArgs args) [0x00157] in <f4e9806ba0a74c7b8387a0564f7391c6>:0
at Mono.Debugging.BindingRedirects.DefaultBindingRedirectResolver.TryResolve (System.ResolveEventArgs args, System.Reflection.Assembly& assembly) [0x00000] in <f4e9806ba0a74c7b8387a0564f7391c6>:0
at Mono.Debugging.BindingRedirects.BindingRedirectManager.ResolveAssembly (System.Object sender, System.ResolveEventArgs args) [0x0001d] in <f4e9806ba0a74c7b8387a0564f7391c6>:0


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Could you please clarify how exactly does it affect your work with Rider? Do you get SWEA errors like in post you mentioned? Can I get a full log bundle which can be collected using the following instruction and uploaded here or with a new issue on our bug tracker. Screenshots also would be much appreciated.


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