Rider 2019.3.1 "Errors In Solution" display false positives

After updating to Rider 2019.3.1 today I get hundreds of errors from the solution-wide analysis although everything builds/runs just fine. There are two different problems.

The first one is connected to Nancy, which offers two signatures for defining e.g. Get resources (Get(params) and Get<T>(params)). Since updating to 2019.3.1 I get "Ambiguous invocation" errors but only if a dynamic parameter is assigned to a variable:

if, however, the dynamic parameter is directly passed to the method the ambiguous call error is gone:

I don't know what the second problem is connected to. We have a project (let's call it A) containing two T4-templates - which are now recognized as such with syntax highlighting and all - which now each output an error that "Visual Studio automation tool are not supported yet". I thought the error might be connected to this and removed the corresponding lines without any effect.

The problem is that the analyzer outputs an error "Cannot resolve symbol X" in each project that has a dependency to A. But, as mentioned above, my solution builds/runs without problems, only the analyzer and the editor think that there is a problem. Clean and Rebuild Solution did not fix the problem. The second problem does only vanish by using "Invalidate Caches / Restart ..." as long as there are no changes that trigger a solution-wide analysis (clicking "Reanalyze All" does not reproduce the errors).

Opening the same solution in Rider 2019.2.3 does not display a single error. Did any settings change that would explain this unexpected behavior?

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You could file a bug report.

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Hi Kilian,

1) The first problem is a known one. Please watch the corresponding ticket in our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-478234.

2) Do I understand right that you are using EnvDTE? Unfortunately, its support has not been implemented yet: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-35770. Please feel free to upvote this request. 
As a temporary solution, you can try excluding those files from solution analysis: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/rider/Code_Analysis__Configuring_Warnings.html#exclude_items.

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Hi Sofia,

thanks for the feedback.

1. In the meantime we removed Nancy from our project, so no problem here anymore.

2. I found out that this problem occurs when using projects with different target frameworks (in our case netcoreapp3.1 and net472). Since we dropped net472 support, this problem doesn't occur anymore, except for the errors in T4 templates using EnvDTE. Thanks for the hint to exclude those files from solution analysis.


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