Rider Consistently Unresponsive and Using Excessive Memory

Rider (2019.3.1) is consistently using a large amount of memory and is unresponsive to the point of being unusable. I have noticed that an indexing job starts with each restart of the IDE but this continues even after it completes. I have tried invalidating the cache and reinstalling the IDE but neither seem to fix this reliably. 

I've previously noticed this right after upgrading to a new version of Rider but it seemed to clear up after a few hours/a day. 



Memory profile: RD-193.5662.14_memory_Takari Donaville_13.01.2020_12.53.20.zip

Logs: log_67da03b7.zip


Hi Takari,

Could you please clarify if this issue is still relevant? Have you tried version 2020.1EAP

If so, please clarify how big your solution is, the type of your projects, if the projects contain some large files (ex. yaml).


Thank you in advance and sorry for the late reply!



I experience the same thing, particular when editing CI/CD deployment automation files that are around 200 lines or so.  It doesn't take much.  A memory dump shows JSON schema validation objects as one of the top 10 counts on the heap.  Disabling inspection severity when editing YAML helps a little, but does not resolve the issue.  Restarting Rider is the only way to resole the issue.  Using 2020.1.3 build #RD-201.7846.1.



I was slowly migrating all my editing tools to Rider from (the brilliant) VS Code but ran into what seemed random memory issues, but I think I concur that it is to do with .yaml editing

anytime i load a .yaml file Rider requires a change of sheets....



Could you please collect memory dumps, create a ticket on youtrack (https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/) and attach dumps and all logs to it?

- To collect logs, call "Help | Collect Logs."

- To collect memory dumps, use the following guides:




Also, it would be helpful if you send a CI/CD or YAML file example for repro.


Kind regards,




A year later, we're still facing this issue.

Is there an opened issue that we can upvote in youtrack ? I've tried to find one and I had no luck.

Kind regards,


Hi Maxime Faye

Each performance issue is unique until we see the logs and snapshots. Please, collect them and memory dumps as described above and attach everything to a new issue. 
Please let me know if you need any help with it.

Thank you! 


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