Export solution-wide errors/warnings monitor contents to file


Hi everyone,

does anyone know if it is possible to export the errors and warnings from the solution-wide errors/warnings monitor? I would like to compare different builds with automated tools. 

The documentation says there are ways to export the findings to a file: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/rider/Code_Analysis__Solution-Wide_Analysis.html

"You can share found issues by copying them to the clipboard or exporting to a file."

But I can't find any option for this. Copying the errors manually to the clipboard and pasting them in a file would not serve as a solution to my needs.

Thanks in advance!

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Hello F Schipp,

Thank you for your request.
Unfortunately, this is not possible in Rider at the moment (only in ReSharper), but I've created a feature request RIDER-38047. Please, feel free to upvote it to raise its priority.

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Thank you very much!


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