How to get vertical line between matching curly braces?


Hi all,

I have nice and helping guiding lines inside braces pair in Visual Studio (and it is also could be toggled on and off here), and what I want is to have same or equal stuff in my Rider. Is there any way (settings, plugin?) to obtain it?



I've spend like 1,5 hours digging in Rider settings and accidentally found the answer!

Those nice lines could be enabled in

Settings > Editor > General > Appearance > Show indent guides

Whoever searched for this, have fun! :D


o/ bless you good man !
though, this still won't make indent guides in function definition block or class declaration block, unless You type additional tab which is an overkill.

seems Rider have different concept for this: "Show method separators"
which renders horizontal line inbetween definitions (just like above inbetween our comments).
For me its kinda "verbose", even ugly :/ but atleast there'something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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