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Hi there!

So, I've got a code style issue that's kind of driving me crazy.

For C# language when trying to configure auto-formatting for braces - I can't create this:

if (someCondition) {

    // Do a thing

} ELSE {

    /// Other thing



Key here is having the else inline with the start/end brackets.

I know it doesn't follow any defined "style"...but I really don't care. This is how I prefer to write my code, and it drives me insane that I can't use the code cleanup tools because it will automatically kick the else to the next line.

Is this possible? Can I create a custom definition or *something*??

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For this, please go to `Preferences | Editor | Code Style | C# => Line Brakes and wrapping | Arrangement of Statements` and set off Place "else" on new line

I hope this helps! Should you have any questions, let us know. 

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Thank you so much. I knew there had to be a way, delighted that it was so simple. :D


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