Rider - Missing Renci.SshNet dependency when application is deployed



I've created .NET application that mainly connects to linux boxes via SSH and does some actions there. Whenever I deploy the application via OneClick with Visual Studio and install the application everything works fine. However when I deploy the same application using Rider and I try to run it, it crashes after connecting to any linux box. Seems like a Renci.SshNet is missing. 


When I try to add it as reference it shows me that it is already added? What am I doing wrong?


Best regards.


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Would it be possible to provide us with some sample solution for reproducing the issue on our side, as simple tests I made do not help with achieving the same. Please also enable Trace scenario Help | Trace scenario | ProjectModel, reproduce the issue, collect the logs Help | Collect logs and attach the resulting log bundle with a new issue on our bug tracker for further investigation. Disable Trace scenario after collecting the logs. Thank you in advance!


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