Add XAML/WPF Support for Rider on Linux

Dear JetBrains-Team,

as first: Thank you for your great work in Rider. It's a very nice C# IDE for Linux.

1-2 weeks ago i started to develop a Desktop-Application by using Avalonia UI (
This project uses XAML-Files and Code-Behind (similar to XAML in WPF but with less supported controls yet).

Rider is able to display these files and support me with syntax highlighting. Unfortunately the XAML-Support (especially intellisense/auto complete) is bad. "Bad" means that some Attributes (e.g. Background of a Button-Control) offers no AutoComplete. When i am using a DockPanel, children of this panel have no autocomplete for "DockPanel.Dock" the values like "Top" are displayed.
I assume this is because of a disabled WPF-Module (?) in Rider because in fact: There is no "real" WPF on Linux or Mac yet.
It would be great if i could get the same support with autocomplete on Linux as i get on Windows.

I see that there may be issues because WPF/XAML is not supported native on Linux. Maybe you see a chance to enable better XAML support.

Thank you very much and have a nice day

Best regards


Structure in Solution (same as typical WPF project)

Missing support of DockPanel-Attribute


Missing support of values for Background-Attribute


Official comment

Hello Matthias,

We're going to add the Avalonia support, here's the main issue for it: Please feel free to comment and vote or just subscribe on the issue.

Thank you for your quick answer and to create a ticket. I didn't saw that there is already a ticket for R#. Maybe you can re-use some code to save some work :)


>I didn't saw that there is already a ticket for R#

Do you mean ReSharper?


Yes. I was looking if there where some tickets yet before i write this post but i filtered YouTrack for Rider only and not ReSharper.


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