Show Context Actions bulb (Alt+Enter) does not work

Hi, I am facing a very frustrating situation, the code suggestion that usually pops up when you press Alt+Enter is not working for me. As you can see in the image below, Rider correctly identified that idCounter does not need to be explicitly initialised to 0.

If I click on the yellow light bulb, I get these code suggestions:


I'm expecting the same suggestions to appear when I click on "Show Context Actions" or press Alt+Enter, but literally nothing happens.


Any ideas?

P.S: Settings -> Keymap -> "Show Context Actions" is bound to Alt+Enter

P.P.S: Settings -> Editor -> General -> Appearance -> "Show intention bulb" is ticked.

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Do I understand Right that the issue is in broken menu item (Show Context Actions) in the Editor context menu? If you perform the action "Remove redundant..." from the bulb menu it will expectedly change your code?
Could you please clarify your Rider version? Also, please turn on 'ActionsAndPopups' and 'Editors' category in the "Help->"Log Trace Scenarios" menu (it might slow down the app). And If you face it again, please share a whole log folder "Help | Compress Logs and Show in ...".

Here is a guide about how to upload files to JetBrains:


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