Azure TFVC binding never ending changelist "updating"

I've got a .net core 3.0 solution i'm working on in a Windows 10 environment. It has its own local workspace I've created for it in Azure TFVC. All the Rider settings for Version Control, Azure DevOps and TFVC look to be correct - I can see the the most recent checkin activity in the Repository window and view the diffs from there as well.

As I make changes to source code files, they get reflected in the "Local Changes" window however from the moment I start up Rider, the Local Changes window is in a never ending loop of "updating" changelists. It will say "updating" for a second then complete, then "updating" for a second then complete non stop. If i try to view a diff from  a changelist by clicking on it, the diff window appears but once an "updating" cycle finishes the diff window refreshes and it's scrolled back to the top. This never ending loop of updating changelists causes the memory usage of rider64.exe to incrementally grow and after a few minutes I have to close the application.

Any help would be great.

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Hi David,

Could you please clarify your Rider version, share a screenshot of "Preferences | Version Control | TFVC"?
Also, please clear idea.log file (one can find it via the menu "Help | Show Logs in ..."), reproduce the issue, then share idea.log with us with one way described here.
Besides, we need the information generated by the action "Help | Collect Troubleshooting information".

Thank you in advance!


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Hi, Sorry for not including it earlier I am running:

Rider Version 2019.3.1

Build #RD-193.5662.14, built on December 19, 2019


I HTTP uploaded the requested info, screenshots and logs of all the settings:





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