No nullable reference inspections in Rider?

Hi Jetbrains team,

My (up to date 2019.3) Rider doesn't seem to be showing inspections for nullable reference types. I've included a screenshot below:

It's finding plenty of warnings during build, but the editor doesn't seem to be aware of them (warnings and errors unrelated to null references are indicated correctly). Is this a missing feature & if so is there any roadmap for it?

I've checked and none of my disabled inspections are relevant (and I haven't disabled any new ones from the defaults). My project is also fully indexed and I've tried clearing caches etc.

Thanks in advance!


PS: Thanks for making such a fantastic set of IDEs! Moving from Eclipse to IntelliJ years ago was a revelation, and ditto from Visual Studio to Rider a few years after that. I'm impressed how much power they pack considering they start quickly, index quickly, and hardly ever seem to crash or lag.


Potentially relevant info - I've enabled nullable references in my C# 8.0 / dotnet core 3.1 (.101) project. I'm on MacOS and do not have Mono installed (so it's definitely using the right runtime, I think), and I'm using MSBuild 16.0 provided by dotnet.

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Hello Ashley,
Could you please collect all Rider .DotSettings files:

- *Personal layer*: .DotSettings.user file near your sln (if any),
- *Team-shared layer*: .DotSettings file near your sln (if any),
- *Global settings layer*: Use "Help -> Browse Special Files and Folders -> R# Global Settings" to locate GlobalSettingsStorage.DotSettings file;

If you are using any other files for settings like editorconfig, please grab them as well and upload the settings with a new issue on our bug tracker, so we could try reproduce the issue using your settings and try to pin down the reason for it. Thank you in advance!


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