Rider Layout not being shared across solutions


Hi all,

I may be misinterpreting the documentation, but my expectation was that the layout of my Rider IDE would be shared across any solution I open even between my main computer at work and my laptop if I use the same settings repo or JetBrains account. I have tried Sync and Repo settings, and still, I get the default layout. Are these solution-dependent? How can I get the same experience across projects?

Thanks in advance!



Window layout settings are stored inly locally and are not shared via JetBrains Settings repository or exported via File | Export Settings... action. These settings are local environment-specific and is by design.


You can do Window->Store current layout as Default to set the default layout for any project you open.

You can than do Window->Restore default layout in any project that does not have the default layout you want.


Thanks for the clarifications. Now that I think it terms of how it should be, it makes sense to have a layout per-device, as I may have one arrangement in my laptop where real estate is limited, but another one in my office where I have multiple displays. Thanks!


Thank you Saša Kajfeš! Your solution worked for me! :D


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