Find usage of one implementation

Currently, I've tried to find invocations of certain implementation of a Dispose function under IDispose interface.

The editor "knew" it has only 2 usages.

But if I use the find usage option, it will give me all the invocations of Dispose of IDispose interface, which are in a huge amount.

I've searched and found there was a "Find Usage Advance" option, but I couldn't find it in the lastest build of rider, even with the hotkey "alt + shift + ctrl + F12".

Did this feature removed or just get its way to access changed?

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It looks like code analysis did not work well, which can cause the wrong counter. Please check in the bottom left corner if the analysis completed, otherwise please try to restart Rider and let me know if that helps. I am not aware of such an option, if you can link where you have seen such information, that would help. 

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It looks like this:

The usage on the function (at the right top part of the second image) is how many invocation of this implementation, which I think is correct.

But the find usage function will give me all implementations of IDispose.Dispose, without being catogoried by implementations.

So I cannot find which codes tried to dispose this instance, unless I remove the IDispose interface from it.

This happens on both left clicking on the usage label (like in the first picture) and shift + f12.

I think it's more about some old functions are missing in the newer versions, instead of some sort of bugs.

Edit: I cannot switch place of the 2 attaments :)


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It looks a bit similar to the following issue: RSRP-474656, does it work if you try using Inspect this -> Incoming calls?


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