Disable Nuget package suggestions

I use Paket for package management one of the issues is that rider automatically suggests packages and quick installation light bulb. I can't seem to find a way to disable this functionality because it interferes with paket and typically goes unnoticed!
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Could you please provide an example of such case when quick fix interferes with paket? A screenshot would be much appreciated. 

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JSON.Net I can think of being a common example.

From what I can gather there are two things that can happen here neither of which are useful for Paket

  1. Add a PackageReference to your csproj for the package you want
  2. Add a packages.config and update your csproj to ref the DLL

For example

Paket expects you to add Newtonsoft.JSON as a line to a paket.references file.
You can find that file by recursively searching up to the root of the workspace from the csproj folder for a file matching that name.
Then to run a Paket install which updates each project with the correct NuGet packages.

The ideal solution for me would be to support that workflow natively.
If I could disable this piece of functionality entirely it would help avoid people pushing these changes in a project which uses Paket exclusively

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Thank you for the detailed reply. Unfortunately at the current moment, there is no such option to disable quick fix, but I have created a corresponding request on our tracker: RSRP-478731. We would appreciate if you upvote it. Also make sure to Watch it for monitoring the state. There is also an open request for paket support: RIDER-552.


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