BUG Rider 2020.1 won't reopen solution in Unity but keeps idling in Task Manager

I had to uninstall rider because an update went sideways. So, I reinstalled Rider using Toolbox. In Unity Rider will open on my first click of the script in my project but won't reopen when I close it and try to open the same script. It just idles out under the Unity Editor in Task Manager. If I end this task I am able to reopen rider when I click on the script in Unity.


I fixed this problem by deleting this version of Rider and using an older version. This is a massive issue for Unity developers and therefore the 2020 version is not usable at the moment.


Hi John!

Unfortunately, it looks like you have faced a known issue IDEA-236491. We are going to include this fix in our bugfix, that we expect in a couple of days. As a temporary workaround, please, try to stop Rider process in the task manager.


The bug is still existed.

Unity 2020.3.15f2

Rider 2021.2 M1

Macbook m1

Any idea???


Hi 201303005

Could you please create a new issue via `Help | Report a bug` with automatically attached logs? The mentioned issue was already fixed so we need your logs for further investigation. 

Thank you in advance! 


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