Rider + docker-compose + Visual Studio Fast/Regular debug modes

Visual Studio works with docker-compose projects in two modes:

  • Fast
  • Regular

See: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/containers/container-build?view=vs-2019#project-warmup

By default Fast mode is enabled and it dramatically speedup debugging experience. One important step is:

  • Pull the images in the first stage of the Dockerfile (the base stage in most Dockerfiles).

Seems Rider works with docker-compose as Visual Studio does in Regular mode - it builds all Docker-files content. And unfortunately it is bad from performance point of view + in our particular project we build all Docker-file content only on deploying app to test/production environment.

So, for now I can't use Rider for working on my current project and have to use Visual Studio instead.

Are there any plans to improve docker-compose support in Rider and implement it in the same way as Visual Studio does?
So, Visual Studio docker-compose project can work in Rider as well.

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Hello Michael,

Thanks for your feedback! We'll investigate this problem and will add a follow-up to the corresponding YouTrack issue. Please watch it for updates.


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