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Starting to check out Rider For Unreal.

When paused on a Debug Breakpoint in my game code, any engine functions in the Call Stack are displayed as assembly?


Is there any way to show the engine call stack in cpp?  After all, the engine source and symbols are available?

Unfortunately, it is a known issue related to auto-detecting source maps.
To workaround this you can try to do next steps:
  1. create a file named .lldbinit in your home  user directory (on Windows it is C:\Users\<your user name>)
  2. write there a command
    settings set target.source-map  <unreal engine path on build server> <local sources path> 
    .For example, for prebuilt engine from Launcher it looks something like that:
    settings set target.source-map d:\build\++ue4\sync D:\Games\UE_4.23
(Note: casing matters!)

Thanks Julia -  Still having issues....

How do I validate the <unreal engine path on build server>?

I tried using:


for 4.24 Launcher, but its still not working...

1)  created .lldbinit in home dir

2)  settings set target.source-map d:\build\++ue4\sync H:\Epic Games\UE_4.24

3)  restarted Rider.  It did seem to index the source files on start.  But the call stack is still assembly.


Thanks again for your help


Please try to quote the source path. You can lookup the actual path in PDB files for engine dll-s. Just open it in some text viewer and look for strings containing engine source filenames.


Thanks Julia!  It works now!!  It was the missing quotes  :-)


Note: in UE 4.25 Epic Games changed location on their build server and used compiler from vs2019 instead of vs2017.

So mapping should be changed to be like this:

settings set target.source-map "D:\Build\++UE4+Licensee\Sync" "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25"


I experience the same on 2020.1.3. Is this planned to be resolved in a future update?

(The workaround works until then, thanks for sharing!)


I've applied the steps and it works for engine code, now I'm trying to achieve the same result with code plugins I've bought in the Marketplace and installed to my engine. It seems that the source map for code plugins is "D:\Build\++Portal+Promotion\Sync". How would I add this folder to the lldbinit file?


Since update 2020.1.3 you can try to write mapping using special wildcard syntax without mentioning original source path locations

settings set target.source-map * "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25"

and then debugger should auto-detect all missing mappings and it work for both engine and plugins.

And of course we will make setup of such mappings transparent and automatic in some future, but it's not implemented yet.


Debugger is once again opening to assembly after the latest update today


The update does not include the fix, please use the mentioned workaround.


Hey, my engine is on another drive and it doesn't seem to work. This is what I have inside the file:

settings set target.source-map * "D:\Epic Games\UE_4.23"

Hi! Are you using the latest version of Rider for Unreal Engine?


Hello, yes, I'm using 2020.2

I reinstalled unreal into the drive C:/ and it's working. Rider is also installed on C, so maybe it's something related to it?


The drive selection should not affect mapping detection, and we cannot reproduce the issue. Anyway, I glad to hear it works after reinstalling.


Any progress on fixing this?


Unfortunately, nothing to share yet; we'll announce when the fix is available.
Also, we have a ticket in YouTrack: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-48733, you can follow it to get notifications about its status updates.


I'm having the same issue as Luiz had.


My game project is on C:\, while Rider is installed on D:\ , and when debugging I can't debug the engine code.

It works for projects that are on D:\


My engine is also on another drive, but my projects are there too. Works for me with latest Rider (2020.3.1) and UE4 (4.26). My file

settings set target.source-map * "M:\UE_4.26\Engine"


Permanently deleted user

Hello! This is fixed in the last Rider for Unreal Engine 2020.3.3, build #RDCPPP-203.5981.163


for anyone using macos.  I've tried using the * method, but it didn't work.  I have UE and my Project installed on external hard drive.  Rider is installed on the system hard drive.  This is what finally worked for me:


 settings set target.source-map "/Users/build/Build/++UE5/Sync" "/Volumes/T7/Developer/Software/Mac/UE/UE_5.0"


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