Debugger not printing nice object names

In visual studio, when you look at UObjects, UClasses, etc... it prints out that name.

In Rider it just shows that it's a class of type UObject, or AActor, or and there's no nice way to see the name of it at a glance.  This makes it especially hard to deal with UClass references.

There are probably other missing debugger visualizers.


Supporting an analog of the ue4 visualizers that Visual Studio uses is very important.  I quite like Rider for writing code and the clean UI, but debugging is a struggle right now in UE4.


UE4 natvis should be taken by Rider's debugger automatically and should work to some extend now. But let us check the issue and come back to you here.


I also noticed object names are missing. This makes debugging with Rider pretty much impossible for me, currently. Please make this a priority for Unreal feature dev!


There are several known issues related to this and they eventually will be fixed.

First one - - is about "Inheritable" attribute from natvis DSL that we do not support yet due some technical limitations in LLDB.

Second one is the bug with FName vizualizer - - which I haven't reproduced even once yet.



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