Fix StyleCop violations - Code Cleanup Option?

I am evaluating whether to use Rider / vs ReSharper and Visual Studio.  I am currently using both and switching when I can't find functionality or features.

Once I'm struggling to find is "Fix StyleCop violations" in code cleanup in Rider.  This option is available in ReSharper but not in Rider.   Am I missing something to turn this on or is there an extension that turns it on?

I have a separate post in ReSharper forum about configuring these fixes in Visual Studio - so  I am struggling to find the best of both worlds.




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By default, JetBrains Rider does not read settings from settings.stylecop files. So first you should enable Preferences | Editor | Code Style | Read code style from Settings.StyleCop files and Editor | Inspection Setting | Read settings from editorconfig, project settings and rule sets. Once it is enabled, settings from settings.stylecop files should override Rider code formatting and code syntax styles, and enable corresponding code inspections. If you notice some issues with code formatting and syntax styles then, please report an issue with examples on our bug tracker.


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