Tasks - Close Active task does not close/remove it, only removing the changelist does


I recently discovered the tasks integration (using it with jira) and i like it so far.
But i'm a little confused if this behaviour is a bug or intended to be not so straightforward:
When opening a task there's an option to create a new changelist.
When closing a task there's an option to commit (implicitly the active changelist).
This changelist then gets cleared obviously, but is still listed.
After using this close task option the task is still shown as active in the dropdown in the menubar!
If i created a new changelist in the 'open new task' step i can delete this changelist from the commit panel and this makes the task in the dropdown disappear/not be active again.
Is that the normal workflow (having to create the 'optional' changelist and having to delete it from within a different panel to actually close a task), or is it just a visual bug/misbehaviour that it still stays active?
Also, is it possible to make it remove the created changelist on commit (/cosing the task) too?
(I'd want to 'cleanly' close a task)

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OK, looks like it's designed this way. i left my vote, and hope this gets addressed, thank you


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